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Renewable Energy

Tasmania is among the top 5 places in the world for renewable energy.

The minerals and manufacturing sectors care where our energy comes from.


Tasmania is already powered by 100% renewable electricity -now we’re setting our sights to 200%! If Tassie was a country, we’d be in the Top 5 for renewables in the world!


Tasmania has quietly led the way on renewables but as the world needs more clean energy we can show them new ways to keep lowering their carbon footprint as we do the same for ourselves.


From environmental scientists to engineers there are all sorts of roles needed for all sorts of Tasmanians.

Powering a lower carbon footprint.

Wind Turbines. Power Plant With Wind Turbine, Clean Energy Gener

Wind Power

Wind turbines do not release emissions that can pollute the air or water (with rare exceptions), and they do not require water for cooling. Wind turbines may also reduce the amount of electricity generation from fossil fuels, which results in lower total air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.

Strathgordon Hydroelectic Dam In South West Tasmania

Hydro Power

Taking the ‘potential’ and ‘kinetic’ energy in water to turn it in to electricity through the use of dams in natural waterways. By releasing water from the dam it passes through a turbine to create the energy through a generator. Tasmania produces about 9000 gigawatt hours of clean electricity from hydropower – enough to power about 900,000 Australian homes and small businesses.

Hydrogen Tank And Windmills On Blue Sky Background. Sustainable

Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is hydrogen that is produced using renewable energy through electrolysis. … If the electricity needed for electrolysis is generated from renewable sources such as solar or wind, the production of hydrogen in this way emits no greenhouse gasses. It can be used for transport and 

Green hydrogen projects are being planned in Tasmania. The fuel can be used for electric cars and trucks, container ships and even steel refineries by replacing gas and coal. 

Hydro goes greener

Tasmania is the largest provider of renewable energy in Australia. But as energy needs continue to grow so does our smarter thinking. How can we achieve more with less impact? Pumped Hydro is one possibility.

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Pumped Hydro Tasmania Explainer
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Wombat Musselroe Bay Hydro and UTAS
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Protecting wildlife

Concerned with the rising numbers of wombats suffering from sarcoptic mange at Musselroe Wind Farm, Hydro are helping the University of Tasmania to conduct important field research to treat and protect wombats from reinfection.

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We stand for cleaner and smarter.