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Transformative thinking to help the world reduce its carbon footprint

Proudly leading the world to a better future

Tasmanian inventiveness has made us global leaders


Tasmania is already at Net Zero, an enviable global position. But we’re aiming higher to decarbonise here at home while delivering the critical minerals needed for greener technologies across the world.


Tasmania is responsibly producing high quality, world leading, niche products. We account for over 64% of Tasmania’s exports and growing rapidly, using smarter innovations and approaches to deliver to the world’s rapidly changing needs.


Our industries cover a diverse range of products and services – directly employing 25,800 Tasmanians. We need 20,000 more from all walks of life by 2040. Diversity in all its forms helps to share prosperity, build stronger communities and spark fresh ideas.

News & Events

2024 Women in Resources and Manufacturing Awards Tasmania Winners

Seven outstanding women working in Tasmania’s resources, mining and manufacturing sectors have been recognised at the 2024 Women in Resources and Manufacturing Tasmania Awards ceremony in Launceston on June 20.

TMEC Advancing Industry skills and capability through leading-edge technology

TMEC announced $322,000 in funding received through a Federal Labor Election commitment for a range of advanced technologies to address the industry's increased need for attracting and developing highly skilled staff.

Finalists Announced 2024 Women in Resources and Manufacturing Tasmania Awards

Finalists across five categories have been announced in the 2024 Women in Resources and Manufacturing Tasmania Awards ahead of the Awards Event on June 21.

Tasmanian Employers Conference 2024

July 23, 2024 - How can employers face the challenges on the horizon? We look at the effects of AI, the inclusion of neurodiversity and the intricacies of retaining millenials among generational challenges.

Cleaner, Smarter, Diverse

Articles and Insights

Cobots are changing how we work

A “cobot” is a shortened term for “collaborative robot,” also known as a “cooperative robot” or “cobotic system.” These robots are designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace or environment, allowing for human-robot collaboration. The range of automation uses are huge across heavy industry, through to boutique manufacturers and even hospitality!


There are thousands of jobs to be filled.

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Cleaner. Smarter. Diverse Industries.


Mineral Resources

Extracting critical minerals with global leading ethics and accountability for a decarbonised future.


Advanced Manufacturing

Making high quality, world leading products for ourselves and advanced world markets.
Strathgordon Hydroelectic Dam In South West Tasmania

Renewable Energy

Tasmania is among the top 5 places in the world for renewable energy.


The Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council represents member businesses involved in the state’s exploration, mining and mineral processing, manufacturing and energy sectors, along with companies and individuals in associated supply chains.

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