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Our Story

For years, the story of our industries was told with hard hats and hi-vis. But there’s more to us than this.

For generations our mills, our factories, our workshops and our processors thrived. What we made here was proudly sent to the mainland and around the world. But prices declined, our competitors reduced costs, increased the scale of production, our isolation became a barrier and our industry suffered.

But we didn’t let our industries wither and die.

Instead, we invented and reinvented. We tapped into a spirit that embraces where we live. That uses our remote and rugged landscape and our isolation as an asset. We embraced a way of ‘thinking and doing’ that isn’t based on volume – It’s based on quality and inventiveness.

Now… something made in Tasmania is lighter, stronger, safer, smarter, more durable, more beautiful, more delicious. And among the most mineral-rich places on the planet, we’ve become a workshop for ingenuity, efficiently processing minerals critical for the future, and creating solutions to help the world reduce its carbon footprint.


To promote a globally competitive business environment for member organisations which enables ongoing sustainable operations, in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and leverages opportunities to promote growth and attract investment for the minerals, processing, manufacturing and energy consumer sectors.

Measuring Success

Our actions will:

  • Improve safety, health and wellbeing outcomes for employees, contractors and suppliers and the communities in which we operate.
  • Continually reduce adverse impacts from our processes, products, and historical legacies on the environment.
  • Increase Tasmania’s economical potential by:
    A more competitive economic and regulatory regime which encourages business to invest, compete, collaborate, and innovate
    Productive processes to access land and resources for exploration and mining to ensure long term growth to our economy that is based on rigorous compliance and sustainable business practice
    Promote actions which ensure Tasmania can offer international competitively priced energy and freight access to our members
    Promote actions which bolster the capability of Tasmanian Advanced Manufacturers
    Supporting new entrants to build their businesses in Tasmania.
  • Further build a positive reputation through our community and their awareness of the benefits our member sectors play in the economy and in building Tasmania’s future.
  • Increase the number of people pursuing career opportunities in our member sectors.
  • Members and other stakeholders value the “unified voice”, collaborative platforms and networks fostered by TMEC as a means of sharing information to support continuous improvement in our member sectors.

2022-23 Priorities

  • Challenge and promote our members to adopt best practices in Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Environment matters.
  • Encourage emission reduction initiatives and practices whilst promoting positive climate change outcomes for Tasmania.
  • Promote and support adoption of the Circular Economy principles to reduce waste and promote recycling and repurposing of waste products.
  • Support members to be more inclusive employers with greater diversity in their workplace.
  • Promote efficient regulatory and regulated processes (including Project approvals, Energy and Freight) via committees and submissions to the Tasmanian Government.
  • Ensure TMEC has a voice in major projects and changes where there is potential to alter market forces (Renewable Energy Industry Sector, Critical Minerals, Gas, etc).
  • Develop and implement a Workforce Development Plan reflective of current and future skill needs in our member sectors.
  • Broaden our member sectors positive brand and values into our regional communities.

Our Values

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