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TMEC’s Annual Business Conference - July 2024

Business that's clean, smart & diverse has an advantage.

TMEC’s Annual Business Conference theme provides a framework for how to build strong, resilient industries that meets the many faceted needs of today’s world.


Changing the concept of waste being a nuisance by-product to unrealised economic value.


Business viability is being improved with creative solutions to complex challenges.


The pursuit of a diverse workforce delivers a social benefit, but it goes much deeper than that.

Amidst a backdrop of local, national, and international business TMEC’s Annual Business Conference provides access to networking opportunities, trade exhibitions and informative presentations from thought leaders, industry experts and government partnerships.


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Lauren Cromarty

Senior Sustainability Consultant, DLC Spatial

Lauren is a circular economy strategic advisor, project partner and all round doer. She brings passion, a depth of unique experience and a good dose of cognitive diversity to the table. With an academic background including a Master of Planning, Bachelor of Environmental Management, and a Certificate IV in Competitive Systems & Processing (LEAN), Lauren is not one to shy away from tough conversations or question the status quo. She’s inspired to find unique solutions that have a positive impact on our planet and society, using her experience to overcome any obstacles in the way.

Presentation: Circular Economy: An opportunity for Tasmania

Are you curious about the circular economy, but find it overwhelming? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Join Lauren on an exciting journey as she explores the practical implications of this revolutionary concept. You’ll learn what we need to do as individuals, organisations, and as a state, to achieve a circular economy. This includes balancing profit with purpose, stimulating collaboration, fostering innovation, and unlocking new opportunities. Although Tasmania has enormous potential, no one is currently leading the way. Waiting for the government to act or introduce policies is not an option because time is not a luxury we have. By embedding the three principles of a circular economy into our operations, we can start realising the benefits immediately.

Dr Lisa Denny

Workforce Demographer & Adjunct Professor, Institute of Social Change, University of Tasmania

Dr Lisa Denny is a Workforce Demographer who provides research and strategic policy advice consulting services relating to education, skills, work and population change.

Lisa is:
• An Adjunct Associate Professor with the Institute for Social Change, University of Tasmania.
• A founding member of the Tasmanian 100% Literacy Alliance
• A member of the Expert Panel for the Centre of Population, Australian Treasury.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma of Education and a PhD in which she investigated Skill Utilisation in Australia. She is also a qualified secondary teacher of economics and business studies. Lisa is currently completing a Masters in Educational Studies degree majoring in the Science of Learning and in 2022 completed the Language Essentials for Teaching Reading and Spelling (LETRS) course.

Presentation: Tasmania’s workforce: now and into the future.

Lisa will provide a powerful insight into the changes within the Tasmanian workforce and discuss how the workforce will continue to change into the future as the workforce ages, how the source of future workers will change and how employers can respond to these challenges. 

Mitch McPherson

Founder, SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY

As the founder of Tasmanian-based organisation SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY, Mitch’s journey to raise awareness of suicide prevention and reduce the stigma around mental health began after his younger brother Ty took his own life in 2013.

Mitch, the 2017 Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year and National R U OK? Day Ambassador has had a remarkable journey transitioning from an everyday tradie into a well-respected and purpose-driven public speaker. Mitch leads with an extraordinary vision for change, courageously harnessing his lived experience of loss to encourage our community to speak up about their mental health and take action. All through the important message of sparking conversations.

Since the loss of his younger brother Ty in 2013, Mitch has dedicated his life to helping, educating and encouraging others to speak up about mental health and prevent suicide. All of this important work is well aligned to Mitch’s own personal values: compassion, authenticity, kindness and perseverance.

Mitch has become a “go to” in the Tasmanian community for important discussions and messaging around mental health. From media interviews, his weekly radio segment or assisting those seeking guidance on start-up charities, a fun and vibrant MC of events, podcaster with his new show ‘Get Frank’, Mitch does all he can to positively impact the community. When presenting at schools, workplaces and sporting clubs, Mitch speaks from the heart. The connection he creates with the audiences he presents to is both genuine and empowering.

A devoted family man, father and husband, Mitch is just like a mate – he’s a passionate Carlton supporter, lover of sport and avid coffee drinker. He is someone you can relate to. He is real.

Presentation: Behind the Smile

Since the loss of his younger brother Ty to suicide in 2013, Mitch has courageously harnessed his lived experience of loss to encourage our community to speak up about their mental health and take action.

Mitch leads with an extraordinary vision for change. A devoted family man, father and husband, Mitch is just like a mate – he’s a passionate Carlton supporter, lover of sport and avid coffee drinker. He is someone you can relate to.

Through this tragedy, Mitch found his true passion and purpose in life. Mitch has become a “go to” in the Tasmanian community for important discussions and messaging around mental health and suicide prevention.

Mitch shares his story with sensitivity, safe language, and compassion, and cares deeply about prioritising the wellbeing of those in the audience today/tonight. If you feel uncomfortable throughout his presentation, please feel free to leave the room and practice self-care.

Dominic Thurbon

Partner, Community Impact team, EY, & an internationally engaged author, researcher & speaker.

Dominic Thurbon is a partner in the Community Impact team at EY, and an internationally engaged author, researcher and speaker in the fields of innovation, behaviour change and organisational transformation.

A business leader in the trenches, Dom was co-founder of Karrikins Group (acquired by EY in 2019), a consultancy he grew to over 150 staff with offices across Australia, New Zealand and North America. Dom has led the design and implementation of behaviour change programs in businesses and the community which have reached over 500,000 each year and won global awards for innovation and social impact.

He has worked across government, business and the not-for-profit sector helping leaders make sense of and respond to the profound forces of change that are reshaping organisations and society. His books and papers include Matter: How to rise above the competition to become the obvious choice, Talent magnets: Attracting and retaining top talent, On purpose: from purpose-driven to driven purpose and Game On: How video games change work and education.

Dom was also co-founder of Educator Impact, a technology company applying data-driven models to improve educational outcomes for students and teachers, and was a founding board member of the Shared Value Project in Australia.

Dom has delivered keynotes and workshops to a combined audience in the hundreds of thousands across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas. He lives with his wife and pets in Sydney.

Presentation: Unleashing the power of innovation

In today’s market, companies that can’t innovate can’t survive. The market is changing so quickly that our ability to innovate now sits at the heart of remaining relevant and competitive in an ever-changing world. That’s probably why ‘innovation’ is one of the most discussed and debated topics at conferences, off-sites, workshops and strategy sessions around the country.

But most places can’t connect all the talk with real action, and in too many places innovation is simply as a buzzword. We need to develop a deeper and more practical understanding of what innovation is, in all its forms, and how we bring it to life. The truth is, innovation is a behaviour: you’re either doing it or you’re not. And learning the behaviours of innovation, and then finding ways to enable and promote them in your business, is the key to turning innovation from empty rhetoric to real-world change.