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How long could we live without mining?

The device you're reading this article on wouldn't exist without mining...

Do you know what else you’re surrounded by that wouldn’t exist without mining? 

We’ve put together some fun downloads and activities!

Modern and responsible mining practices, adopted by countries like Australia and net zero states like Tasmania, are critical to three key areas: to give us the things we rely on, to power our world, and to help the planet decarbonise to address the challenge of climate change. 

It’s all about working cleaner, smarter with more diverse thinking, to get the balance right. 

So what could we live without? 


Everything comes from somewhere.

If it didn't grow, it was mined.


make the things we Rely On

Canned food, toothpaste, carpets, nails for construction, cars, mobile phones, X-Ray machines, sunscreen, TV, refrigerators, paint, jewellery, glass, dentistry, surgical tools, roads, bridges, musical instruments, internet, money, fertiliser, batteries, plumbing....


The energy we need to Live

Whether it be renewables or existing infrastructure, we cannot fly, sail or drive without mining. We also can't move electricity without Copper wiring, so that means no heating, or cooking, or light in our homes, and industry unable to produce the things we need.


Addressing climate change

It seems crazy, but to transition to a low carbon global economy we will need responsible mining to provide critical minerals for renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines and to supply more electricity for transport and machinery that currently rely on fossil fuels.

Which minerals are in which things?

Download the PDF's Below with thanks to the Minerals Council of australia.

Eye spy with my little eye.

Here’s a fun game to play with a friend or the family! Take turns to see what you can spot in your house that needs mining to make it happen.

Take it in turns until the last one runs out. Don’t forget to think about the things you might be wearing too, or looking through.

If you want to make it a little harder, use the downloadable booklets above to see if anyone knows which minerals are in which items. 

Want to know more?

Find out more about mining in Tasmania. 
The way we do it and the things we supply.