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Mechatronics Engineer

University Qualified

Mechatronics Engineers design, test and develop solutions to complex problems by applying and integrating mechanical, electrical, computer science, and control engineering principles.

Mechatronics Engineers design and modify electrical and software control systems to collect and analyse data, improve safety, functionality and efficiency and aid in process control; they may introduce automation into machinery and processes to achieve these goals.

Mechatronics Engineers usually have applied knowledge in engineering, physics, and maths. They tend to be creative thinkers with complex problem-solving and advanced analytical skills.

“Part of what I enjoy about this role is the fact I get to see the design and the build process from start to finish. Not many things are more satisfying than when you get it right.” – Zack, Elphinstone

Average age
1 %
full time
1 %
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Tasks for this role

  • Performs and supervises engineering work concerned with the design, development, manufacture, maintenance and modification of machinery.

  • Analyses and modifies new and existing engineering technologies and applies them in the testing and implementation of engineering projects.


  • Very high skill level
  • Average Unemployment
  • Practical, Analytical and Administrative
  • Sedentary/Light/Medium/Heavy physical demand

Education Pathways

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