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Parts Interpreter Trainee

Vocational Qualified

Parts Interpreters (also known as Automotive or Spare Parts Interpreters) typically work at motor repair businesses or within the parts department for large equipment manufacturers where they ensure the right part for the right vehicle is on hand to suit the customer’s needs.

Parts Interpreters assess client needs and provide recommendations on product lines, product use and care, pricing, and warranties. Customers place orders, and Parts Interpreters scan lists for part numbers, pricing, and availability.

Parts Interpreters are knowledgeable about a variety of items, including parts, tyres, lubricating oils, batteries and accessibility.

Parts Interpreters are organised, have good attention to detail, can work effectively with others and have good communication skills.

“What I love about my job is it can be so challenging yet rewarding at the same time. Meeting new people and creating new friendships is important to me and I have met so many amazing people” – Maddy, William Adams.

Average age
1 %
1 %
full time
currently employed

Tasks for this role

  • Determines customer requirements and advises on product range, price, delivery, warranties and product use and care.

  • Sells vehicle products such as parts, tyres, lubricating oils, batteries, stereos and alarms.

  • Takes sales orders and prepares contracts of sale.

  • Receives orders for parts.

  • Determines part sizes and details such as vehicle make, model, manufacturer and year.

  • Searches lists of parts to identify part numbers, price and availability.


  • Lower skill level
  • Practical, Administrative and Enterprising
  • Light/Medium physical demand

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