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Environmental Officer

University Qualified

Environmental officers monitor and evaluate the environmental impacts of a mine. They do this by analysing and monitoring water, soil and air samples to ensure the impacts of the mine remain within the required/permitted levels and conditions. They develop plans and recommendations for managing and protecting the environment, fauna and flora.

Environmental officers have a strong interest in Biology, Chemistry and Geography and tend to enjoy nature and working outdoors.

“Doing what I love makes it feel a lot less like work” – Kate, Bluestone

Average age
1 %
full time
1 %
across Australia

Tasks for this role

  • Evaluating habitat, wildlife and fisheries needs, and formulating shortand long-term management goals and objectives

  • Enforcing laws and regulations to conserve and protect fish and wildlife

  • Carrying out environmental impact assessments for a wide range of development projects

  • Proposing solutions to address negative environmental impact

  • Studying the effects of factors, such as terrain, altitude, climatic and environmental change, sources of nutrition, predators and the impacts of humans, on animal and plant life

  • Studying and analysing pollution, atmospheric conditions, demographic characteristics, ecology, mineral, soil and water samples

  • Developing conservation and management policies for biological resources, such as fish populations and forests, and establishing standards and developing approaches for the control of pollution and the rehabilitation of areas disturbed by activities such as mining, timber felling and overgrazing

  • Implementing policies and organising activities in designated parks and other areas to conserve and protect natural and cultural heritage

  • Participating in management planning by providing environmental information and making inventories of plants, animals and items of cultural and heritage significance


  • Very high skill level
  • Practical, Analytical and Administrative
  • Varied physical demand

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