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Laboratory Technician

Vocational & University Qualified

Laboratory Technicians are involved in a variety of specific tasks that can include sampling, testing, measuring, recording and analysing results as part of a scientific team.

A Lab Tech conducts routine maintenance and performs calibration checks on instruments and equipment using specified standards and/or procedures to make sure they are accurate.

Laboratory Technicians record results to present to Chemical Engineers and Metallurgists, to ensure the specific mineral, metal or commodity is being processed to agreed standards.

To be a Laboratory Technician you should enjoy practical activities, have good basic maths, chemistry and science knowledge and be well organised with attention to detail.

Laboratory Technician

I have developed my skills by having a variety of tasks and responsibilities which makes me feel more engaged and fulfilled.” – Carla, Liberty Bell Bay

Average age
1 %
1 %
full time
Currently employed

Tasks for this role

  • Studies the properties of metals and other materials.

  • Develops and improves existing materials.

  • Develops new combinations of metals (alloy development) and creates products that combine metals with other materials.

  • Develops techniques to repair metal damage.

  • Advises engineers and manufacturers on industrial processes that use metals and the correct selection of metals for specific uses.

  • Checks the quality of metals or other materials used in new products.

  • Conducts quality tests and other tests to detect defects.

  • Uses ultrasonic, radiographic and other non-destructive testing methods.

  • Interprets results from radiographs, meters and other indicators.

  • Write evidence briefs for litigation cases and appear as an expert witness in court.


  • High skill level
  • Practical, Analytical and Enterprising
  • Light/Medium physical demand

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