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Managerial Role

University or Vocational Qualified

Managerial roles include General Managers, Human Resource Managers, Operations Managers, Branch Managers and many more…

Managers monitor and oversee production, quality controls, maintenance plans and undertake activities such as recruitment and training with a strong focus on the health and safety of the workforce. 

Managers are strong communicators, have the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively and have excellent leadership qualities.

“It really is fantastic coming here and seeing the innovation, seeing the machines, it gives me a lot of pride to come to work.” – Daniel, William Adams

Average age
1 %
1 %
full time
Currently Employed

Tasks for this role

  • Determines, implements and monitors production strategies, policies and plans.

  • Plans details of production activities in terms of output, quality, quantity, cost, time available and labour requirements.

  • Controls operation of production plant and quality procedures through planning of maintenance, designation of operating hours, and supply of parts and tools.

  • Monitors production output and costs, adjusting the processes and resources to minimise costs.

  • Informs others about production matters.

  • Oversees the acquisition and installation of new plant and equipment.

  • Directs research into production methods, recommending and implementing appropriate initiatives.

  • Controls the preparation of production records and reports.

  • Co-ordinates the implementation of occupational health and safety requirements.

  • Directs staff activities and monitors their performance.


  • Very high skill level
  • Administrative and Enterprising
  • Sedentary physical demand

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