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University Qualified

Metallurgists are mineral experts specialising in the extraction of metals from their ores. They oversee, develop and test processes used in metal extraction and in the alloying and casting of materials to produce commercial metal products.

Metallurgists work in mines or mineral processing sites in collaboration with engineers and geologists, or in laboratories in a research capacity. Their role can include studying and applying physical methods for separating minerals from their ores using various techniques, working with operators of the plant to ensure efficiencies within the processes, developing and controlling methods of storing and treating waste material and preparing technical reports.

Metallurgists usually enjoy chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and have an interest in engineering. They also tend to be good communicators.


“I love my job as I learn something new everyday while applying my skills working on variety of projects between process plant, lab and office” – Harjot, Catalyst Metals Ltd

Average age
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full time
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Tasks for this role

  • Measures and records data on performance of metals or metal combinations.

  • Conducts microscopic, x-ray, x-ray diffraction and spectrographic studies of metals and alloys.

  • Evaluates influences of exotic or unusual metals.

  • Studies effect of radiation on metals exposed to space environment and nuclear reactors and joining of diverse materials to form complex structures.

  • Experiments in power metallurgy and the process of compressing metallic powders and sintering them at high temperatures.

  • Evaluates properties of metals and determines type of metal to be used.

  • Advises on shortcomings of metals in use and tests for anticipated use, and tests alloys to study engineering properties and ensure compliance with standards.

  • Develops hot-working and cooling processes to obtain desired characteristics.

  • Gathers information and consults with engineers and company officials to produce alloys at minimum cost, to minimise air pollution and to implement testing procedures.


  • Very high skill level
  • Practical, Analytical and Enterprising
  • Light/Medium physical demand

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