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Safety & Training Coordinator

Vocational Qualified

Safety and Training Professionals plan, implement and evaluate safety systems and their associated training programs to ensure staff acquire the skills and develop the competencies required to meet operational needs. They identify training needs and requirements of individuals, liaise, co-ordinate and scheduled training with external training providers to deliver a range of specific compliance training.

Safety and Training Professionals identify the risks associated with operational activities and support organisations to develop and design safer work practices.

Safety and Training Professionals have a broad understanding of technical and non-technical areas of an organisation and enjoy working with others to provide clear instructions and are results orientated

“Each and every day presents me with new experiences, new opportunities, and new challenges. ” – Mary, Bluestone

Average age
1 %
1 %
full time
Currently Employed

Tasks for this role

  • Controls hazards and risks in the workplace.

  • Develops, implements and monitors programmes minimising workplace and environmental pollution involving chemical and physical hazards.

  • Promotes ergonomic principles within the workplace such as matching furniture, equipment and work activities to the needs of employees.

  • Inspects and audits workplaces, processes, plant, and chemical and physical hazards for legislative compliance.

  • Trains employees in personal protective equipment and safe working procedures.

  • Records and investigates injuries and equipment damage, and reports safety performance.

  • Co-ordinates the return of injured workers into the workplace.


  • Very high skill level
  • Practical, Analytical, Helping and Administrative
  • Sedentary physical demand

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