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Vocational Qualified

Shotfirers assemble, position and detonate explosives to break solid rock into diggable and manageable sizes to extract and process the required mineral.

Shotfirers are responsible for the safe handling, storage and transport of explosives on a mine site.

Shotfirers receive blast plans provided by geologists and mine engineers to determine charge loads, blast patterns and correct explosives are used.

Shotfirers are required to ensure all safety requirements, blast zones and site paperwork is prepared and met.

Shotfirers enjoy practical, hands-on work an interest in maths and earth sciences and a willingness to adhere to safety requirements.


“I find the work interesting and challenging. I especially like blast day when you get to see the end results of the team’s hard work.” – Nadine, Grange Resources

Average age
1 %
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full time
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Tasks for this role

  • Positions explosives in bore holes and primes explosives using detonators and explosive cartridges.

  • Connects wires, fuses and detonating cords to explosive cartridges and detonators, and detonates explosives.



  • Lower skill level
  • Practical, Analytical and Administrative
  • Medium/Heavy/Very Heavy physical demand

Education Pathways

  • You need a shot-firing permit issued by WorkSafe Tasmania (or an interstate shot-firing authority recognised by WorkSafe Tasmania) if you wish to prime or fire explosives in Tasmania. In almost all cases, you will also need a Security-sensitive Dangerous Substances permit from WorkSafe Tasmania
  • Tasmanian Mining Pathways Passport

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