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Electrical Engineer

University Qualified

Electrical Engineers assist in the research, design, assembly, operation and maintenance of machines, systems and equipment such as electric motors, components and power generation equipment.

Electrical Engineers prepare drawings, plans and diagrams using Auto Cad for 3D drawings and specifications. They inspect designs, perform tests and evaluate the performance of equipment and associated circuitry.

Electrical Engineers enjoy maths, physics, computers and electronic equipment. They also have an interest in problem-solving, innovative thinking and embracing new technologies.

“I use my 3D mapping skills to design the limbs of cables in a truck that connects to all the different electronic components.”

Average age
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full time
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Tasks for this role

  • Preparing drawings, plans and diagrams of electrical installations and circuitry

  • Assisting Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technologists in design and layout of electrical installations and circuitry on substations, switchgear, cabling systems and motor control systems

  • Collecting data, performing tests and complex calculations, graphing results, and preparing charts and tabulations

  • Estimating materials costs and quantities

  • Inspecting designs and finished products for compliance with specifications and regulations

  • Assembling, installing, testing, calibrating, modifying and repairing electrical equipment and installations to conform with regulations and safety requirements

  • Undertaking electrical workshop functions such as installing assemblies for protection relays, metering and indicating devices

  • Assisting with research and experimentation programs


  • High skill level
  • Below Average Unemployment
  • Practical, Analytical and Administrative
  • Light/Medium physical demand

Education Pathways

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