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Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition 2023

Announcing the winners of the 35th Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition 2023 held on Saturday at this year’s competition host site Grange Resources Savage River.

The results are in!

We’re delighted to announce the winners of the Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition 2023 held on Saturday  at this year’s host Grange Resources Savage River.

The Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Committee (TMERC) represents emergency response across Tasmania’s mining and mineral processing industries. This annual event ensures teams from member sites are exposed to potential real-life emergency scenarios so that if a response is required, teams are skilled and ready to respond both as a local team and in collaboration with each other to the best possible standard.

This is the big reason why specialised inductions are required for anyone who enters a worksite.

🏅 FIRST PLACE – Cornwall Coal

Runner-up Award
– Bluestone Tasmania JV
Theory – Avebury Nickel Mine
Team Skills – Bluestone Tasmanian JV
First Aid – Grange Resources Tasmania
Fire – Bluestone Tasmania JV
Rope Rescue – Bell Bay Aluminium
Surface Search and Rescue – TMERC Mutual Aid Team
Underground Search and Rescue – Cornwall Coal
Overall Team Safety Award – Cornwall Coal
Outstanding First Aider – Aaron Berry, Grange Resources
Best Captain – Toby Gibbons, Bluestone Tasmania JV
Speak Out Mental Health Award – (Awarded by adjudicators to a competitor who was noticed to be exceptional in considering and looking after the mental health of their colleagues during the competition) – Toby Gibbons, Bluestone JV
A rounding off applause for work well done by MMG Rosebery. Thank you to our professional adjudicators and our actors. While it may look like a lot of fun, safety is serious business.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors

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