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Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition 2024

October 25-26, 2024 | Hosted by Sibanye Stillwater My Lyell Queenstown

The 2024 Tasmanian Minerals Emergence Response Competition is being hosted by Sibanye Stillwater Mt Lyell at their Queenstown Mine Site, on Friday 25tand Saturday 26 October 2024

Collaboration, cooperation, continuous improvement and the promotion of sharing and teamwork within our industry are some of the aspects we highly value at TMEC.   

Emergency response and occupational, health and safety are absolute cornerstones of the Tasmanian mining, minerals processing, manufacturing and energy industry. 

The annual emergency response competition provides our teams with an important opportunity to practice, learn and showcase their skills. This is pivotal in the industry’s quest to ensure safe places of work and allows us to test our ability to provide Mutual Aid to each other. 

Workers, their families, and our wider communities should be confident that mining companies have the ability and preparedness to respond to a major incident within our industry or if need be to support emergency services in the local community.

Each year the event is moved to a different site which offers a financial injection in to the local economies with more than 100 people needing accommodation and catering over the 2 days and nights. 


Prepared. Ready. Together.

It’s not enough to know the theory. Safety needs to be second nature.

Prevention Mindset

Keeping safety at top of mind for every individual and team to understand the importance of minimising risk while having the confidence in a real emergency.

Skills and Leadership

Honing skills every year with the benefit of expert adjudicators in realistic emergency situations gives each individual powerful lessons beyond theory in varied disciplines.

Sharing and Collaboration

Teams from individual mine sites learn from each other while also becoming familiar with how they can offer mutual aid of strengths and tools in the case of a major incident.

Trust and Friendship

It’s a serious program and it is a competition, but at the heart it builds deeper connections of trust and mutual respect for team members across our range of members.

Areas of Competition

Main Events

First Aid | Fire Fighting | Rope Rescue | Team Skills | Theory | Search & Rescue

Other Trophies

Best Captain | Safety Award | Competition Overall Winner