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Advanced Manufacturing

Transformative thinking to lead the world to a better future.

Tasmanian inventiveness has made us global leaders.

Making high quality, world leading products for ourselves and advanced world markets.

Smarter, cleaner, more durable, renewable.

The-Sentinel-Tasmanian-Defence-Advanced Manufacturing TMEC

Defence Industry

Specialised watercraft, maritime products and advanced services. Specialised support vehicle and component production. Nutrition and food sciences. Technologically advanced systems. Pictured is “The Sentinel” Navy Watercraft from PFG 

Hydrogen Tank And Windmills On Blue Sky Background. Sustainable

Major Renewable Energy Projects

With a vision for Tasmania to be power 200% by renewable energy there are major projects being unveiled including Pumped Hydro, Green Hydrogen and Wind farms. 

Elphinstone Underground Support Vehicles Canada Tasmanian

Heavy vehicles for a cleaner future

Elphinstone are currently engineering their first BEV underground support vehicles for the global mining industry, a new phase on the 5000 vehicles they’ve built so far.

Already Tasmania’s Metro buses are built locally and are upgradeable to new fuels such as hydrogen as they become ready.   

Supporting Blockbusters!

Ignite Digi build high quality camera components for filmmakers and their gear has been used to shoot films such as Disney’s Mulan, Deadpool 2, Marvel’s Venom, A Star is Born, HBO’s True Detective and many other film, television and Netflix programs. They also teamed with Lightning Systems International when COVID first hit to make sure there was enough PPE for health care workers. 

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Ignite Digi Advanced Manufacturing Tasmania TMEC
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Muir Tasmania Shipbuilding Watercraft TMEC
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Ready to deliver.

There are a lot of reasons to be proud of Manufacturing in Tasmania. Our highly skilled workforce underpin our reputation for reliability and innovation. As we embark on a mission to deliver even more high quality products to the world, and to help solve the climate challenge, we’ll be looking for thousands more Tasmanians to join the advanced manufacturing workforce.

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Manufacturing Myths

Myth I

Manufacturing is a dying industry


Advanced Manufacturing employs 18,000 Tasmanians already and we’ll need 4500 more over the next 3 years.

Myth II

Tasmania is way behind on clean energy


Tasmania has already reached net zero, and with 100% renewable electricity it means things made here likely have a lower footprint.

Myth III

Tassie’s too small to make a positive difference


Our industries want to help the world reduce its carbon footprint. For example Copper is critical for electric vehicles so it’s in high demand, and it’s mined sustainably right here in Tasmania.

Myth IV

These are mens jobs


That’s traditionally been the history, but there’s no such thing as a mans job and the careers available are very diverse.

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