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School Visits & Tours

Take advantage of school visits from our professional educators or tour industry leading worksites supported by a range of teacher resources.

Encouraging Future Capabilities

Real-world Application of STEM Concepts

Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing, and Energy Council can provide students with practical examples of how STEM concepts are applied in real-world situations. This exposure can help students bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom and its practical implementation in working environments.

Career Awareness and Opportunities

Interactions with professionals can offer students insights into potential careers. Exposure to diverse STEM-related career paths can inspire students to pursue further education and training in these fields. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for students to ask questions, seek advice, and make connections that could be valuable for their future career planning.

Hands-on Learning and Skill Development

Hands-on activities, workshops, or demonstrations that allow students to apply STEM principles in a practical setting. Engaging in these activities can enhance students’ problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and technical abilities. Hands-on experiences also make STEM subjects more interesting and relevant, potentially fostering a greater interest and passion for these fields.

Student Comments

Soldamatic school students

Interactive school experiences

Discover the every day and extraordinary things made and mined in Tasmania as well as interactive experiences on the Soldamatic virtual welders and VR headsets as well as curriculum-aligned programs for the classroom or at our TMEC headquarters.

Insight Tours for schools

Book an excursion hosted by TMEC at a range of our members where students learn first hand about the science, innovation and technology being used to drive a smarter, cleaner and diverse set of industries.

Penguin District School Insights Tour Delta

School Testimonials

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