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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is rapidly changing industry. It’s the fourth industrial revolution and it’s transforming the way businesses operate. For Tasmania to retain and grow it’s reputation as global leaders in our sectors, it’s important to transition and evolve to a smarter business ethos with more efficient systems. 

Embrace Industry 4.0 for the benefits

Faster, smarter, more sustainable productivity.



Machines are now able to communicate with each other and have the capacity to interact to pre-programmed rules. This allows a manufacturer to respond faster and more accurately to rapidly evolving customer needs, reducing downtime and boosting production.


Businesses utilise real-time data to identify cost-saving efficiency improvements and to create better customer and employee experiences. This includes ‘machine learning’ predictive analytics, which can predict trends, propensity and likely outcome from big data sets that we could never find patterns in.


Automated monitoring systems and the advent of ‘cobots’ that work safely together with humans can ensure the process remains at a safe pace, while alerting people to potential safety risks. This isn’t only good for business, it’s a critical part of care for your workforce.

Cobots are changing how we work

A “cobot” is a shortened term for “collaborative robot,” also known as a “cooperative robot” or “cobotic system.” These robots are designed to work alongside humans in a shared workspace or environment, allowing for human-robot collaboration. The range of automation uses are huge across heavy industry, through to boutique manufacturers and even hospitality!

The Industry 4.0 Directory

In today’s business world, we need to be agile, allowing all of our teams to learn, unlearn and relearn the needs for ongoing transformation. We’ve compiled a list of expert Tasmanian resources in differing fields for access to relevant training for all levels of business owner and staff for integrated Industry 4.0 adoption.


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