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Enter & Work in Confined Spaces/ Gas Test Atmospheres

Enter & Work in Confined Spaces/ Gas Test Atmospheres

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Enter & Work in Confined Spaces/Gas Test Atmospheres training is crucial for ensuring safety in hazardous environments. Participants learn to identify confined spaces, assess risks, and implement control measures. Gas testing techniques are taught to detect harmful gases, preventing accidents and fatalities. Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is emphasized, along with emergency response protocols. Training covers regulations and standards, fostering compliance and accountability. Practical simulations enhance skills in real-world scenarios, promoting confidence and competence. By equipping workers with essential knowledge and skills, this training mitigates risks, safeguards lives, and maintains workplace safety standards in confined spaces with potentially dangerous atmospheres. Training is delivered at SRTA Life & Rescues training facilities in Cambridge, Kings Meadows, and South Burnie. On-site training can be organised for groups of 5 people or more.

Who is it for:

Any worker who could enter or work in a confined space, or other workers who are not required to enter the confined space but could carry out related functions or emergency procedures, such as:
• undertake hazard identification or risk assessment in relation to a confined space.
• implement risk control measures.
• complete entry permits.
• act as a stand-by person or communicate with workers in a confined space.
• monitor conditions while work is being carried out.
• purchase equipment for confined space work, and
• design or lay out a work area that includes a confined space.
The supervisors of these workers are also relevant workers.


Natioal Recognition:

On successfully completing the training and assessment you will be issued a Statement of Attainment issuing you the unit of competency



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Dates Available:

Hobart: 18th March and 5th, 26th April and 6th May.

Launceston: 14th, 26th March and 8th, 19th April.

Burnie: 27th March and 10th, 24th April.

How to Book:

Head to our website  https://srta.com.au/calendar/ find the relevant course and complete the
booking form.


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Students, Workforce
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