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LEAN Mobile Car Game Simulation

LEAN Mobile Car Game Simulation

At Productivity Improvers, we go beyond theory, immersing our clients in the Lean methodology through hands-on experience.

Our powerful teaching tool: “the Car Game.” This interactive simulation simplifies Lean principles, making them accessible and actionable. Participants engage in building and optimizing a toy car production line, exploring diverse strategies to boost efficiency.

Our program equips participants with the skills to eliminate waste, elevate quality, enhance safety, cut costs, and turbocharge productivity.

Experience the transformative power of Lean through this engaging team-building exercise, fostering communication and collaboration through teamwork.

This hands - on, interactive session covers the following:

  • Effective Communication

  • Leadership Skills

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Change Catalyst

  • Lean Methadologies

  • Visual Management

  • Small Changes, Big Impact

Day 1: Learn the basics of Lean and prepare for the Car Game.

Day 2: Participate in the Mobile Car Game Simulation

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