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Work Safely at Heights

Work Safely at Heights

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Working Safely at Heights is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate elevated work environments securely. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical exercises, attendees will learn about relevant safety regulations, hazard identification, and risk mitigation strategies.  Topics covered include proper selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE), safe work practices, fall arrest systems, and emergency procedures. With an emphasis on proactive safety measures and hands-on training, this course empowers individuals to confidently perform tasks at heights while prioritizing their well-being and the safety of those around them. Training is delivered at SRTA Life & Rescues training facilities in Cambridge, Kings Meadows, and  South Burnie. On-site training can be organised for groups of 5 people or more.


Who is it for:

All workers who conduct or supervise tasks whilst at height will find this course beneficial to workplace safety.


Natioal Recognition:

On successfully completing the training and assessment you will be issued a Statement of Attainment issuing you the unit of competency: RIIWHS204E Work Safely at Heights.



$255.00  - TMEC Member discounts available!


Dates Available:

Hobart: 19th, 26th March and 11th, 30th April.

Launceston: 22nd March and 5th, 15th April and 3rd May.

Burnie: 3rd. 17th April and 1st May.

How to Book:

Head to our website  https://srta.com.au/calendar/ find the relevant course and complete the
booking form.


Suitable For
Students, Workforce
1 Day

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