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Mineral Resources

Tasmania is one of the most mineral rich places on earth with the critical minerals needed to power a zero carbon future.

Transformative thinking for a better future.

Generating 64.9% of Tasmania’s export income from less than 1% of our land area!

Environmental Officer


Our critical minerals are in high demand for new tech including electric vehicles, renewables, healthcare and the technology we all use every day. It's also critical that we source these minerals with contemporary land practices, minimising our carbon footprint and environmental sustainability at the core of everything we do.


Our boutique minerals industry has come a long way over the years, using data for more efficient extraction, technology for improved safety, shifting to more renewable energy, leading globally in ethical areas outlined by COP26 and refining the quality of our minerals to add further value right here in our home state. Now that's smart.

Training on Haul Truck Simulator at Grange Resources


77% of todays’ jobs in our industries will be different in 5 years because of innovation. With a diversity of thoughts and ideas, we also want Tasmanians from all walks of life to grow the skills needed to share in our success. There will be thousands more positions to be filled in the next 5 years. Help lead the world to a better future.

If it didn’t grow, it was mined


Sustainable Coffee Pods

Rio Tinto has partnered with coffee giant Nespresso to supply sustainable aluminium including from Bell Bay Aluminium, for its coffee capsules after becoming the world’s first company to be certified by the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI).

Did you know aluminium can be infinitely recycled? So next time you grab a coffee pod, ask yourself if it’s certified as sustainable. 

Mobile phone uses 40 minerals many of which come from Tasmania

Critical minerals for smartphones

From smartphones to earpods to laptops, minerals make electronic devices smaller, faster and more advanced. There are more than 27 billion networked devices globally – that’s 3.5 devices per person.

Every smartphone contains more than 40 mined metals and minerals, including copper, gold, silicon, manganese, silver and zinc.




High tech healthcare

High tech health care depends on mining.

Gold nanotechnology deliver antibodies into tumours. Rare earth elements are used in X-rays and MRIs and nuclear medicine is used to treat cancer. Copper kills viruses and bacteria on contact and Titanium is used to make surgical implants.

Responsible Mining

The world needs mining, but it’s important that it’s done responsibly so that mined land is still good land with managed biodiversity, water and land management practices. To be a mining engineer today is to have the least environmental impact planning not just to open a mine, but to care for it and rehabilitate it when the mine closes.

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Tasmanian Advanced Minerals West Coast Tasmania
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Ingredients for your TV!

We visit Tasmanian Advanced Minerals on Tassie’s North-West and West Coast to hear about what it’s like to live where they work, and to see where the highest grade silica is mined before making its way in to high quality LG TV screens.  

Saving the devils

We all have a responsibility to take care of the lands, the waters and our wildlife. Grange Resources have not only been returning biodiversity to the waterways, but have also been working to keep Tasmanian Devils out of harms way on both mine access and public roads.

Grand Resources Save the Tasmanian Devil Road Barriers
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Diverse careers in minerals

For education resources or to book student tours visit this page.