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Industry partners with the West Coast Council and State Government for a prosperous future

Ray Mostogl TMEC with Premier Jeremy Rockliff for strategic partnership signing

Friday August 25, 2023


The excitement and energy in Queenstown today were palpable with the coming together of industry, community
and Government, under the framework of the State Governments Strategic Regional Partnership Agreement (SRPA)
to apply the biggest possible hammer to crack the problems of declining populations and the subsequent spiral
downwards of services and amenity in regional area – and the wilds of western Tasmania provides the perfect
setting’s to tackle this challenge.

The entities represented by the MoU are committing to amplify the voices of the resilient West Coasters to create
the localities which will attract workers and their families out of suburbia across Tasmania and interstate to go west
once again in pursuit of work and pleasure. With an unprecedented looming investment program totalling many
billions of dollars across multiple industry sectors all needing hundreds of workers extending across ten plus years,
now is the time to combine plans and ensure the expenditure can leverage the benefits of being part of a suite of
projects, and at the same time leave an enduring legacy of homes, facilities, improved social outcomes and a
diversified economy to reverse the cycle of decline and to do it sustainably.

Ray Mostogl, the CEO of the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC) said, “The goodwill
shown by all parties to get to this point has been nothing short of amazing and bodes well for a fast start into the
planning and implementation stages of this partnership.”

Western Tasmania has been standout of the wealth generating regions in Tasmania for a century and can continue
to do so for another century. It is too important to leave the civil and social elements to market forces alone. The
results to date suggest this is not fair. This partnership will combine the elements which makes sense to do, while
leaving some elements to run their own course. The partnership will focus on making the changes necessary to
attract working age people to want to live, work and play in Western Tasmania.

Ray said, “TMEC as a founding member applauds the other industry sectors, Council, and the Government in its
move to formalise what started from grassroots into a well-supported and resourced partnership with a common
goal of restoring the heartbeat in the regions, starting in Western Tasmania. All arms of government have a role to
play as does industry in this quest. It is too much for any one entity to realistically tackle on their own”.

Ray said, “Western Tasmania has the natural resources to see mining, aquaculture and renewable electricity all lift
their current outputs and in doing so add to the state coffers which supports the rest of the state. No where else in
Tasmania does such an opportunity exist across multiple sectors. We know both the forestry and tourism sectors
may be drawn into this partnership in time which will make the SRPA even more formidable.”