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Tasmanian mineral exporters see long term security in ship loader announcement

Panoramic View Of The Port Of Burnie In Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC) welcomes TasRail’s announcement that it is finalising negotiations with the COVA – Haywards consortium to design and construct its new bulk minerals ship loader at the Burnie Port.

TMEC’s CEO, Ray Mostogl said, “The federally funded $64 million is a huge green light for existing and future mineral exporters. The ship loader tonnage rate, environmental capability and reliability are integral in the projected mine to market logistics.”

Ray said, “The world remains hungry for minerals, particularly the minerals which will help reduce carbon emissions and Tasmania has the world-class geology to be a part of this. Coupled with using renewable energy to process the minerals, Tasmania is a benchmark exporter.”

The economic wealth generated from the minerals and manufacturing sectors have been more than 50% of Tasmania’s export wealth and in recent times where other sectors have struggled due to the pandemic, the minerals and manufacturing sector has increased its contribution to the state.

With the prime construction being carried out by Tasmanian manufacturers, it also shows a strong vote of confidence in the capacity and capability of Tasmanian manufacturers to be able to design and construct this specialised asset. This project will demonstrate to Tasmania, mainland Australia and internationally the capability of Tasmanian manufacturers to design and construct critical infrastructure.

This project will be highly complex, particularly the changeover from the old to the new and being able to manage the shipping windows accordingly. TasRail is acutely sensitive to this and have committed to continue to provide stakeholders with frequent and timely communications.

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