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TMEC Annual Report 2018-19

TMEC Annual Report 2018-19

2019 saw us continue to build on our cumulative success from prior years, representing the minerals industry and further consolidating TMEC’s position as a peak body for Tasmania’s manufacturing sector.

Consequently, the Board agreed it was time to reflect that positioning in our name and suggests moving from the Tasmanian Minerals & Energy Council to the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing & Energy Council. This led to the Board considering the structure of our
Constitution and its applicability to the industry sectors and membership we represent. The Board is proposing that members consider approving amendments to the Constitution as reflected in the circulated draft. This will serve to ensure that our purpose, membership
categories and criteria, Board representation, and governance appropriately align with TMEC’s future activities. I strongly recommend members give reasonable consideration to the proposed changes and vote to accept them at the AGM.

TMEC has continued to leverage its credibility with elected government members of all persuasions, government departments and public service functions at state and federal level. TMEC’s integrity and voice is clearly well regarded as we consult and inform government and media on the challenges and opportunities facing our industry.

Our approach in representing our members interests across the various industry sector value chains has become an accepted and respected foundation of TMEC’s interactions. We engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders including business peak bodies, local councils, governments and the communities in which we live and work. The diversity of views we present and represent has greatly enhanced learnings that can be applied across the interdependent business sectors.

TMEC’s functional committees continue to be an engine room of cooperation as they work in teams to deal with issues which are common to our industries. They openly collaborate with each other to identify issues, develop best practice guidelines, share innovative ideas
and reflect on successes and failures. This provides them with an excellent platform to provide feedback to government as they form policy and develop and/or amend legislation. We continue to be active in the areas of Health & Safety, Environment, Emergency Response (TMERC), Energy, Land Management and Advanced Manufacturing. I am very proud of the way these committees interact and deliver strong support to our various businesses. Thanks to all the members of these committees – you and your businesses give generously of your time and energy. It is greatly appreciated and core to the success and effectiveness of our organisation.

     – Excerpt from the President’s Report. 

Download the TMEC Annual Report 2018-19 here.