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Welcome Appointment for the Western Regional Strategic Partnership

The Western Regional Strategic Partnership (WRSP) Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Liz Youd to the Project Officer role, effective early April.

Ray Mostogl, Chair of the Committee, via his role as CEO of TMEC said, “Representatives of industry – tourism, renewables, mining and aquaculture, together with State and local government have come together under the broader State Government policy of Regional Strategic Partnership Agreements to drive a collaborative approach to addressing inequities which impact residents and businesses in each of the regions”.

“It is an absolute pleasure to announce Liz’s appointment to this groundbreaking role. As a resident of the West Coast, it was critical for the community to have direct and frequent contact.”

“The committee was formalised in August 2023 under a Memorandum of Understanding with four key objectives. Addressing workforce accommodation gaps, provision of services and amenities essential for a vibrant community, continuing to support the progress made to diversify the economy and ensure the community derives the full benefit of the collective plans”.

“The Committee has already established a requirement amongst the regions employers for approximately 120 new homes distributed between each of the towns as well as options for project accommodation blocks”.

“The next workstream will seek to uncover what has already been collected from community consultations and studies on the gaps in supporting families and children who reside on the West Coast”.

“With Liz commencing we are expecting significant progress and much clearer communication to all western Tasmanian residents and businesses “.