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Western Tasmania Strategic Workshop being held


Western Tasmania Strategic Workshop

A workshop is being convened at Tullah on the 1st of March consisting of representatives of many of Tasmania’s economic powerhouse sectors and will be meeting with local and state government representatives to identify whether there is an opportunity to collaborate and overcome several barriers in attracting and retaining workers and families in the western region of Tasmania. The industries all have substantial growth or maintenance plans which will require an influx of workers potentially stretching over a ten-year time frame.

The meeting originated from grassroots community feedback collected over 2021 – 2022 by the minerals sector where residents and the Council flagged the impact of two key issues. The loss of social and economic benefits from the reduced population because of drive-in – drive-out employment and the lack of coordination between the various industry sectors all jockeying for access to accommodation and services simultaneously.

The meeting convener, Ray Mostogl, CEO of the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC) said, “Arguably the mining industry needs are three years ahead of what we are talking about today, taking the Avebury Mine restart and the challenge in housing the workforce as an example, but without a coordinated effort the suite of projects destined for western Tasmania will face bigger hurdles than they need to.”

The representatives will seek to understand whether there is sufficient common ground to work as a collective to navigate a path that addresses community concerns while ensuring the investments can proceed on an economical and socially solid footing. Ray said, “While the outcome from the workshop is yet to be determined, to date all stakeholders have expressed an interest in participating and I take heart from the goodwill shown by all”.

Industries represented to date in the preliminary discussions include forestry, aquaculture, mining, tourism, and renewable energy.

A subsequent media release will be provided after the workshop has concluded.

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