Tasmania’s Premier Business Conference

Paranaple Centre Devonport

“There is nothing subtle about the goal of tripling Tasmania’s exports by 2050. It is time to be bold.”  – Ray Mostogl

The State Government has set Tasmania the audacious goal of tripling exports from $5B in 2020 to $15B by 2050. The sectors represented by TMEC, minerals (mining and processing), manufacturing and energy intensive users, currently contribute slightly over 50% of Tasmania’s current exports. How can our Sectors position themselves to lead a transformation of this scale? Tasmania’s premier business conference for 2021 unpacks the issues, provides options, and inspires conference delegates to mobilise their businesses and be part of a transformation that will position Tasmania as a sustainable, global leader.

Who was there?

TMEC’s conference audience is as diverse as the sectors we represent and the broad range of businesses that are TMEC member organisations. Attendees at our conferences vary from members of the Senior Leadership teams of Tasmania’s large industrials right through to owner/operators of our smaller SME members. TMEC Conferences receive strong engagement from our State and Local Governments.

If you’re an engaged Tasmanian business leader, whether large or small, we’d love you to join us in the future – who knows what opportunities you might discover?

Guest speakers include:

  • Brendon Gale – CEO of the Richmond Football Club on the positive transformation of the largest and most diversified sports business in Australia
  • Dan Collins – 4 x Olympian discusses how moving the dial starts with you in a winning culture
  • Dale Elphinstone & John White– Elphinstone Group & Delta Hydraulics – how would they steer Tasmania through this period of global transformation?
  • Adrian Fahey – CEO of SAGE Group – Our World, Reimagined.
  • Kelly Elphinstone – Elphinstone Group – Innovation, Disruption and Change Management
  • Todd Babiak – Brand Tasmania – Working with the Tasmanian brand to attract more of the people we need (locally and from abroad) to reach our goals
  • More speakers on business, culture, diversity and so much more in the full program above!

Trade Display and Exhibition

Trade tables offer the opportunity for you to showcase your business and will be available for the duration of the conference.