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Workforce Development and Wellbeing

Positive Workplace Cultures​

Tasmania’s mining, manufacturing and energy sectors are the largest contributor to the economy of Tasmania employing 23,000 Tasmanians with a need for many thousands more much of this in regional Tasmania. We want to be employing the full diversity of Tasmanians, growing their skills and seeing our communities share in the opportunities our industries can provide.

Creating workplaces and cultures that actively strive every day for healthier, happier and more fulfilled employees is a commitment we take seriously. It cannot be tokenism, but a genuine recognition that better workplaces drive happier, healthier communities. 

Inclusion and Diversity

TMEC recognises that our industries are not always seen as as attractive for the broader community. We want every Tasmanian to feel welcome and catered for so they can bring their very best talents and diverse thinking to the industries we operate in.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The number one value and commitment of our industry is the wellbeing of our workforce where everyone goes to work and returns home safely and healthy. Mental health is a key factor of overall wellbeing and our ongoing commitment is to ensure we have actionable support to industry to provide the type of workplaces that best promote positive mental health, provide and effective and early response and integrate proactive programs. 

Workforce Development

Our industries are constantly transforming to meet global demands and we need to play an active role in preparing the workforce that we need for the near furture and generations to come. Growing and attracting the workforce, skilling the workforce for the future, and connecting industry ecosystems such as improved housing and transport are key areas that we are actively working on with key stakeholders such as all levels of Government and our members in a community-wide approach.

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